Sunday, October 18, 2009

no more GREEN

yes, i went into police
no more army for me!
but life there is kinda boring
daily routine repeats its daily cycle

update more again!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

lack of time!

update more during my block leave which starts on my birthday!
090909, 9 September 2009
passing out from BMT!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Week 7 of BMT!

wow wow wow
7 weeks of BMT has pass!
2 more weeks left to POP
time flies
the best thing is that all the main events are over
except for a 24km route march now
this week is a 4 day week
due to a 0ff-in-lieu which we got
from our field camp
so its Friday off for us!

this week went outfield again for like 3 days
we booked in damn early on Sunday
like 2pm+
yes, the timing sucks, but no choice
not exactly looking forward to this week cause
its 3 days outfield
in the night, packed our bags for field camp
the next morning which is Monday
did area cleaning etc...
damn crazy
our sergants checked our bunks 3 bloody times
wasted our time!
cause we wanted to rest/bathe etc...

so we set off to the field camp site for Situational Test (Sit Test)
we walked for 12km
as usual, with a super heavy load behind our back
like 15kg i think
the starting of the journey always suck
because its the beginning
then every 4km, we get to rest for about 15 mintues
halfway through to the 8km mark,
my nose bleed
i think there's something wrong with my nose or something
it happens once in a while
well, so i sat in the land rover for a while to the 8km mark
while the medic cleared me so i can continue 8km to 12km
we set off around 3pm+, reach there around 7pm
it was getting dark
so we quickly set up our basha tents if not
when night strikes,
its a problem because there's no light!
so the night ended like that
of course, we had to do everything in the dark
packing our stuffs, change uniform etc...
oh well, thats outfield for you!

next morning, we were suppose to wake up
@ 5am or is it 530am
but the wind is quite strong and clouds forming
so @ 430am we were told to rush to have shelter
in the end,
we stayed there for 1 hour+ and almost all of us
fell asleep inside while waiting
had to march 4km in SBO attire in the morning then
we were divided into different details
meaning, a brand new group of 16 people
the objective of the situational test
is to see how well you lead/react etc...
so its 6 missions per day
and you get to have a chance to be the I/C at least once
some stations are very IQ-type
while some requires tying of knots etc...
i am totally not a ropes and knots person
so when tying of knots are required
i just act busy HAHA
because there's an accessor examining you
so when people tie knots,
i will lift the log up for them to tie
HAHA, because if you stand there and do nothing
it does not leave a good impression
so by 3pm,
we were done with the 6 missions of the day
the rest of the day is slacking around!
all the way till night time!
so my section lie down on the groundsheet
and started eating the snacks/food
and time flies when you are slacking
by the time you know it,
its night time!
so we get ready to sleep by 9pm
and it was already very dark by then
rise and shine the next morning!
last day of field camp before we can go back
HAHA and bath of course!!!
did 2km of walking in the morning in SBO attire again
did another 6 missions
i lead 1 station too (tripod station)
so talk a bit of cock to show the accessor how i lead
these 2 days,
saw many types of people
some like to talk big to impress the accessor, HAHAHA
the situational test ended finally by noon (2pm)
it rained too!
so thank God that it didnt rain during our outfield
if not, the ground is freaking muddy
and sleeping will be damn gross
went back to company line via tonner!
cleaned rifle the moment we reach
the day does not end just like that
we are doing a 16km route march the next day
so there's field pack inspection
16km march on Thursday
damn sian!!
with the super heavy load behind your back
wah lao
we set off in the morning
march to rocky hill, then to our first field camp place
then march back rocky hill
then march back to parade square
returned about 1pm+
our company welfare is not too bad :)
we got cold packet drinks after that
oh yes, there's a little blister @ my leg
went back and did some survey
then i went swimming for ONE lap only
because i went for air force computer test the other time
so i miss out the swim
they just want to determine whether you can swim or not
haha, after swimming
went back pack my field pack for going home!
dinner first @ cookhouse before bookout @ 730pm
cabbed home with my friends!

i am left with 2 weeks to P.O.P
all high key events over except for the very last
24km march
time flies
lots of funny moments @ camp,
and also piss off moments
for once,
quite looking forward to the last 2 weeks
hopefully i am not on the guard duty list!
because i have a wedding to attend
army is qutie fun if you look back
cause i like to recall the funny incidents then
i laugh to myself like some retard
the process sucks
but its over!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Week 6 of BMT life

so this week i would say is a slacking and relax week!
because its our range week

on Monday, we had our range
my platoon and platoon 1 were the platoons to shoot on Monday
while platoon 3 & 4 did theirs on Tuesday
we went there early in the morning and had our practise
my targets weren't too bad
we used LIVE rounds (meaning real bullets)
in the foxhole, proning, standing, squatting position
after our practise, had our lunch
and the test starts
my DAY shot was damn good
16 out of 16 targets!
perfect shot leh! hahaha
thank God for that!
so the waiting process is long
have to wait for many hours and when its your turn,
you shoot for maybe 20 mintues...
at a particular time @ noon,
i was damn sleepy
fell asleep for few moments because we arent allow to sleep
we had to stay there for night shoot
but we had a practise round again
of course, its harder @ night i think
we used our SAR21 laser too for last 2 positions
the results came out few days later
and i miss 2 shots @ night
so my score was 30 out of 32
a bit wasted if not can have perfect shot!
we had to help clear the used rounds after everyone shot
and by the time we went back to camp it was around 130am

rise & shine @ 6am the next day
not enough sleep of course
everyone's face is damn funny
due to lack of sleep haha
cant remember what we did on Tuesday
but it was slack day
because the other 2 platoons went for range
clean the rifle in the morning
and only 1-2 sergants is left @ company
oh, we went to E-mart and some people bought stuffs from there
then it was REST time @ bunk
took an hour nap before a sergant ask us to fall in
but i think it was a power nap
EVERYONE fell asleep HAHA
i think we clean rifle AGAIN after dinner
because we have nothing to do
damn lame!
and the day is over just like that!

haha, Wednesday also another relaxing day
some people went for re-shoot on the 3rd day of range
and we were told to clean our RIFLE AGAIN
OMG, zzzzzzzzz
after cleaning, it was almost lunch time i think
then after lunch, i think we took a nap again
HAHA, another power nap!!!
then we had peer appraisal whereby u rate your platoon mates
spent quite a long time doing that because u have 52 people to rank
i think it was admin time @ night if i am not wrong

Thursday we had S.O.C in the morning
thankfully i cleared all stations without fail this time round
especially my monkey bar swing
and i did it in 5 minutes and 35 seconds!
haha weeeeeeeeeee!
thank God!
the last part where i have to run to the end point is damn tiring
oh gosh
then i got to book out to CMPB for air force computerize test
which is DAMN boring
the test is 4-5 hours long with breaks in between
i got really tired @ the back
so i just anyhow click some answers
went back to camp with those who went @ 8pm+
which is damn late
they had BCCT, strength training and swimming
when we were outside
so when we went back, it was time to bathe and sleep

Friday morning, everyone woke up feeling damn high
because we had a National Education visit to S.D.C
which is my old work place!
we booked out in the morning and took a bus there
yes, i saw my ex-collegues there!
the tour is damn boring
it ended about 2 hours later...
went to lunch @ Jurong Point with my section mates
@ Subway (wrong choice!)
then i decided to go back to S.D.C to visit my ex-collegues
went to take a look @ their new renovated office, new KTV room etc
wow, very nice eh
stay a while and chat with some colleagues, haha
and left for home after that!

thats why week 6 is a damn slack week
but next week is outfield again for 3 days
going to walk 12km to campsite with a heavy bag once again
and on Thursday, going to walk 16km
Oh gosh, not sure how's it going to be like
but hope it will be over soon
cya guys again :(!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Sandfly bites on my hand

so this is my hand
full of sandfly bites after field camp
its actually worse if you see me rather than the photo itself
i have bites on my hand, neck and legs
the "juice" from the bites came out too, ewww
about 30+ bites in total!
damn damn itchy!

Grenade throw and range shooting (arcade)

Sunday was Singapore's 44th birthday
just another excuse for myself to enjoy the holiday
and need not book in
so booked in @ Monday late noon
as usual, packed my stuffs at night
and talk cock to my mates in the room

next morning was live grenade throw
i heard its a once in a lifetime thing
only @ BMTC, will get to throw a real grenade
so my section was the advance party for grenade throw
we have to reach the place early to help set up the place
went there via tonner
set up the white tapes and help to put the target boards
we threw the grenade as one whole company
so there was a lot of waiting time!
we had to throw a dummy grenade for practise purpose
but this dummy grenade will explode
when its my turn,
i turn the safety pin for damn damn long
its so hard to turn!
and soon,
its my turn to throw a REAL grenade
actually, a real grenade looks very beautiful
shiny and dark green in colour
when its my turn to throw,
i just throw the grenade
the safety pin is much easier to twist
the BOMB sound is damn damn loud!
an experience i would say haha
since we threw the grenade as a company
by the time it ends, its near 2pm or 3pm
went back to clean rifle
as usual, giving us something to do, ZzzzzZ
then on Wednesday had IPPT once again
which i got gold again!
my running time was 9.44 minutes exactly thankfully
meaning an early bookout :)
because i manage to do well for the other 4 stations as well
then after lunch,
went to see the doctor to get cream/medicine for my sandfly bites
really terrible and itchy
waited for a damn long time just to see the doctor
and i was damn paranoid because i was so damn afraid
i was going to miss S.O.C
but thankfully i made it on time!
anyway, my bites are recovering now :)
S.O.C was in full gear this time
could not get pass the monkey bar swing
pretty tiring for the whole course

Thursday was range (arcade style)
we are going live firing range next week!
so we practise our range in an arcade style room
quite fun and there are different positions
standing, proning and squatting
hope to do well for range next week!
so the whole morning was spent there
in an air-con room
in the noon was arms drill with the drill squad
learn some new drills
my drills are improving,
not much pscho-motor now
if everyone do swee swee,
the drills are beautiful! haha

Friday is a slacking day
because we had finish our range in arcade style the previous day
so we had arm drills in the morning (drill squad)
then before lunch,
the sergants said that people with gold in IPPT
gets to book out
so had my lunch
and i book out around 1230pm!
no one to share cab with me this time round
because i am the only one in my section to get gold
and the rest of the gold medalist people
stay Hougang/Kovan that area
so i took a lonely bus journey to Pasir Ris then trained home
almost fell asleep in the train, haha
first time training back home after Tekong!
reach home to
shit, bath, online and nap all the way till 7pm
which is the actual bookout timing for the day
imagine i can do so much stuffs all the way till 7pm
even after the nap,
i'm still damn tired
went to Yew Tee for some food with my family
a very tired weeeeeeeeeeeek @ army!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Field Camp!

all right, let me recall about my field camp
would say its an experience
i had a LOT of bites from sandflys (WTH is that?!)
about 20 to 30 bites on my hands, legs and necks
its damn itchy!

booked in on a Sunday afternoon

Day 1
woke up the next morning
quite a number of people bath in the morning
because we wont get to bath for 6 days! HAHA
we had to do a freaking 8km route march
carrying a freaking heavy field camp bag with LBV and rifle
OMG, the weight is madnessssss
imagine with that 8kg load,
and you have to walk 8km
of course, there is a short rest every 4km
OMG, damn damn heavy
my back almost cracked haha
imagine we have to march 24km on POP day

ok back to field camp,
finally reach the camp site after dont know how many hours
we had to bloody set up our basha tents
when we are damn tired (shag)
really damn tired @ that moment
i think we learn fire movement @ the first day
in groups of 3,
then you go down and prone if you see an enemy etc...
there are a lot of steps to remember in between
so i dont really like it
so the first night is over just like that
sleep in the basha tent
and everyone has to hug their rifles to sleep
if not the sergants will come and steal
damn lame

Day 2
i think we did Urban Operations the 2nd day
Urban Ops is quite fun!
its like charging into a room with a group of 3 people
then we fired blanks too!
we charge into a room, charged into windows,
throw fake grendaes etc...
Urban Ops is the most fun in field camp i think!
cant recall what we did for the rest of the day

Day 3
we had a Urban Operations test
it was fun
because its looks quite real
of course, there are sergants to guide us along
at every station
dont know why my group fail
so we had to re-do

Day 4
we had to dig shell scrape (coffine-look-alike)!
many people thought that digging a shell scrape takes only
1-2 hours
it is not as easy as it seems
imagine i dig the whole afternoon
under the freaking hot sun
whole uniform soaked in sweat
boots getting REALLY muddy
sweat flows down like a running tap
my hands forming blisters etc...
the position i was allocated to is beside a tree
and the mud is soft and it smells like shit
thats why i believe other recruits use it as a latrine (toilet) before
many people's temperature rise at that moment
food stuffs like milo powder, pocari sweat (energy powder)
helps you to restore energy!
so you can say that we dig for 4-6 hours
Day 5
we had a tactical march test
its actually a recap of what we have learn
some fire movement drills and stuffs
luckily we need not re-do
after the test,
its back to digging shell scrape
to continue and touch up our shell scrape
once again, soaked in sweat
getting down, dirty and smelly
finally, my shell scrape is done by evening!
we had to fill up the sand bags with sand
so we can put @ the front for our proning position
and we had to sleep in the shell scrape for 1 day
and there's this rule that 1/3 of the section has to be alert always
so i did my "duty" from 11pm to 1am
i was damn sleepy
should not have do duty because no sergant came and check!
i slept in the mud shit coffin in my uniform, really smelly and dirty
but i manage to sleep because i am soooooo tired

Day 6
woke up
feeling damn uncomfortable and smelly
decide to change to a new set of uniform
the SIR came to check our shell scrape
to see whether we pass or not
pack up a little and sat in the tonner
to the last location, BIC course
OMG, its damn painful
we had to back crawl and do leopard crawl
OMG, didnt expect it to be so painful for leopard crawl
especially yr ELBOWS
because yr elbows is rubbing against the sand
and damn damn HOT
oh, and there are live rounds shooting above you
but wont get shot one haha
so many people are left with injuries after the course
went back to company line via tonner
clean our rifle for close to 2 hours
and rush here and there because we are booking out!

finally its BOOKOUT after field camp!
field camp is the moment when everyone turns lazy/tired
even filling up water bottles for people is irriting
or helping your friends to run an errand etc...
and we cannot sit @ outfield
we have to bloody high kneel, DAMN PAIN for the kneel sometimes
its an experience man

shall blog more next time if i remember!
oh i cant tahan my shit
so i shit on the 3rd day or 4th day
if not i will be damn uncomfortable!

Early bookout for me again

had an early bookout today once again!
because i manage to secure another GOLD for my IPPT
remember that to get gold,
i have to run 2.4km under 9.44 mintues?
guess whats my timing for this IPPT test...
its 9.44 minutes exactly!

i think the tester give chance to me
because when i cross the finishing line,
i saw my own watch its 9.47 minutes (around there)
and further more i sprint like a mad dog towards the end
and i am glad i did
if not i cant achieve 9.44 mintues for sure
so early bookout once again

so i book out today after lunch instead of 7pm
which is today's bookout time
and i trained back this time round
no one to share cab with HAHAHA
it was a long train journey back home
almost fell asleep in the train
shit, online and slept
till 7pm
which is the bookout time today
damn damn damn tired!
update about field camp & this week's activities @ camp soon

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Back from field camp

i'm back from my 6 days field camp. from head to toe, i am infested (whatever word to use) with a lot of insect bites and its damn damn damn itchy! blog next time again, probably next week. booking in later @ noon!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

3rd week of BMT

okay i am booking in later @ 1455 hours
very early
rushing this entry now

on 26 July,
booked in @ 4pm+ i think
its our first offical book in since the confinement period
a lot of them were saying what good food we ate after the bookout
when we reached,
there was an inspection check for out field bags to see if
we brought in any ban items
then there was no dinner for us because there was a slight mistake
on their part
in the end, they brought in maggi noodles and
we have to cook ourselves
it was admin time all the way!

on 27 July,
it was our very first Standard Obstacle Course attempt
with LBV and rifle
so you can imagine how heavy the load is
damn tiring man
i didnt have much strength to do the monkey bars with
full load on my back!
then there was IPPT test!
my standing board jump suck on that day
only manage 3 points which is NOT gold standard
i need at least 4 points
and when we complete the rest of the stations,
it rained, muhaha!
so 2.4km run was cancelled and i was happy
because all the results are void!
those who get GOLD for IPPT gets to bookout
so i damn happy the results are void :)

on 28 July,
morning was spent at the grenade range area
we learn how to throw dummy grenade at the area
using standing, proning position
crawling my way through the sand/mud
quite fun actually
because we had to wait for the whole company to do it
so there was a lot of time waiting
it was lunch after that
then there wa a very simple grenade test
conducted by my sergant
very slack test! HAHA
then we did a 6km route march up to rocky hill
with a very very very very heavy load
LBV, field pack (with all standard items inside), 3 litres water bag and a rifle
OMG the load is freaking heavy
cant imagine i have to carry that for my 24km march on my POP day itself
the back is damnnnnnnnnnnnnnn sour (suan)

on 29 July,
the morning activity was the IPPT re-test
OMG, my standing board jump is good this time
manage a 4 points :)
on my way to GOLD!
the SIR said that if any one of us gets gold for IPPT,
we get to book out early
so i ran for my life @ the 2.4km run
because to get gold, i have to run in less than 9.44 mintues
HAHA, i ran like some mad dog
and i clocked around 9.30 mintues
then the next activity is the very lame BCCT
then i am selected for a airforce medical screening @ the airbase
good excuse to be out of Tekong and skip training :)
the air force guy allow us to order Mcdonalds delivery
haha so almost everyone of us ordered a meal with upsize
the airforce medical screening is about the same as the CMPB medical checkup
it took almost the whole afternoon
when the Mcdonalds came,
the coke was OMG!!!
we went back to Tekong in the evening
then the last activivty for the day is some talks on field camp

on 30 July,
morning was field camp talk, damn sleepy man!
we learn how to build basha tent to sleep etc...
i was very kan chiong man
then learn other field camp staffs like charing in a room etc...
very boring stuffs
the more interesting stuff is learning how to camouflage ourselves
using the camouflage cream
quite fun HAHA
with the whole face (including neck and ears) green in colour
and 3 black stripes...
then we learn how to hide ourselves using leaves etc...
qutie an experience
but my camouflage design sucks, haha cause very hard
the mirror they give also very small
when we go back our bunks,
we wash the camouflage off like crazy
the toilet was dirty man
good luck to the toilet cleaners
on 31 July,
morning was field camp talks/demo again
damn boring to me
then the SIR annouced that those who get GOLD for IPPT gets
to book out after lunch! weeeeeeeee
but on Thursday,
i was on the remedial training list (extra training)
because i was on MC for fever (4 days) during the confinement period
so no choice
but the SIR said that i can book out after lunch but
i must be back at night
taking either the 830pm, 930pm or 1030pm ferry
so i booked out after lunch
only 16 people out of 100++ (close to 200) people get to book out
then asked around who live in the west area to take cab home
shared with 3 other guys and reach home around noon time
shit at home, sent my clothes for washing and slack around
and booked in again taking the 930pm ferry
buying in some food for my mates HAHA
when i reached back Tekong at night
it was qutie fun and relaxing
i slept in other people's bed HAHA
to try out!

on 1 August,
rise and shine @ 6am
ate breakfast and did really lame exercises like running
and strength training
time was very rush cause our bookout time was 10am
so rush here and there
and booked out @ 1030am cause we have to wait for ferry
there was no cabs at the ferry terminal
so booked a cab with 3 other people staying @ CCK area
and a Maxi cab came! weeeeeeeee
its same rates as a normal cab
had lunch with KL and HW
before we went home and rest

i am booking in now
field camp from Monday to Saturday
un-contactable for 6 days
i will try to hold my shit for 6 days
cya guys when i am back!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Army blog

anyway, i created this army blog
a lot of people say the process of army suck
but when you think back, its damn funny
haha, i think its true
but the process is damn long and sucky!

so hopefully this blog can contain
many memories of my army life all the way till i ORD
most of the entries will be WORDS and not PHOTOS
because camera phones are not allowed!
haha, happy reading guys :)
got to go and book in!

2 weeks of confinement period finally over

i hope i am right to say that the toughest part of BMTC life is over
which is the 2 weeks confinement
though i went home for 4 days (fever),
it seems i have been in Tekong for a long time
the confinement period is really tough
imagine the weekends when people are out having fun,
you are stuck at camp doing trainings and all the shit!

we had a fire drill @ one of the days
and we were woken up @ 430am
bloody cock
we have to wear our helmet and carry a pail down to fall in
damn damn cock
look damn stupid LOL!

my section mates (bunk mates) are pretty OK,
ZS's same room as me, HAHAHAHA
we have speed, strength, combat trainings
combat trainings damn lame!

all recruits are always rushing in Tekong
because they plan the programmes damn damn tight

i suck/hate at doing things that need instructions
like marching, inserting pouches for our LBV etc...
lets talk about marching,
the correct way is left leg out, then swing your right hand out
but i always do the opposite -
left leg out, left hand out
i dont know why, LOL!
its call pyscho motor or something
i am damn slow, haha
but i think i did pretty well for IPPT and Standard Obstacle Course
i got 5 points for everything except for...
running i think, which i have 4 points
i ran 9.55 mintues (the result paper wrote this time)
not bad eh!
i did 12 pull-ups
9.XX seconds of shuttle run
cant remember my standing board jump result though!

anyway, i did a summary of what our programmes were
after i came back from my MC

on 17 July,
woke up @ 430am to do a route march and
the rifle ceremony
the first thing they taught us is to strip the rifle parts
and assemble back
of course, i was damn slow when learning things
but now, i am pretty good at it
then we did another round of route march

on 18 July,
its the first time we did Standard Obstacle Course (S.O.C)
we tried 4 stations i think and the correct landing technique
then we had strength training
strength training is just some training to help you improve
your strength by doing pull-ups and lifting dumbells

on 19 July,
we learn the technique of rifle
like what happens if a bullet gets stuck inside or something
its call I.A (Immediate Action)
next up was arms drills
doing marching with rifles for my Passing Out Parade!

on 20 July,
had strength training then combat training
we did all these training in our UNIFORMS
had to unroll the sleeve
so its long sleeve uniform
plus the hot sun
we sweat like crazy!!!
had grenade talk @ night

on 21 July,
had strength training, then combat training again
we wore back the same long sleeve uniform, LOL
we didnt have time to wash at all
so you can imagine the smell =S
but we did hang it outside to dry
then we learn other stations of S.O.C
and we learn new songs for marching usage!

on 22 July,
the programme was strength training BUT
it rained super heavy
of course we damn happy!
so the training was done in our bunks
see what i mean?
army die die dont want you to do nothing
they sure plan something out to keep you occupied
then had speed training
which is to train your running (useless one!)
then had a self-intro section for my platoon

on 23 July,
we tried out all the S.O.C stations
manage to do all the stations
but imagine we have to carry our heavy LBV, helmet and rifle
when the real test comes
then had speed training i think
then had a rifle test
the rifle test i damn scared
because i know nothing much
i dont like hands on stuffs cause i learn damn slow!

on 24 July (1st offical bookout day!),
all of us damn sian when we were informed that we will be
booking out @ 8pm
and booking in @ 1645 hours on Sunday
which is considered early!
supposed to have S.O.C again
but it rained in the morning!
so we had strength training instead, HAHA!
at least no need wear our uniforms under the sun!
then we had some free time to design T-shirt for our company
but i use the chance to slack and rest around!
after lunch,
we had a chance to go to the canteen and buy food!
because one of my platoon's section design got selected
for dont know what shit
so my whole platoon 2 won the chance to go
but i think its pretty "useless"
cause we are booking out later in the evening
and we will get to buy the food when we book out
but better than nothing!
then did area cleaning
before we book out,
the last activity was grenade throwing practise
there are a lot of instructions to follow
seeking permission to enter the bay,
using the correct method to hold the grenade etc...
had dinner and finally book out!
everyone's so happy to be out of the island
as for me, the feeling is ordinary
maybe the reason is
i went home (4 days MC)
so naturally, my excitement is not as strong as those
who stayed 2 weeks throughout the whole confinement period!

but i am booking in soon!
leaving my house very very soon
back to blog again!
just bought many tibits to stock up! hahaha
and took all my clothes/socks/shorts/uniforms
back home to wash!
7 more weeks to go!

Fever @ 5th day of BMTC

hahahahaha, i was down with fever @ my 5th day of BMTC
a bonus for myself
i think at that point of time,
my 5 days @ Tekong is like 2 weeks there
days pass damn damn slow
and all recruits there were like cut-off from the outside world
because we dont know whats going on @ Singapore
except for a copy of Strait Times
and not everyday we will have Strait Times
so i fell sick @ noon time
and i reported sick as my temperature was around 38.X degrees
together with 2 other recruits who were also down with a fever
we were "quarantine" @ Annex room
had our packet lunch there
then we went to Medical Centre to see doctor

@ Medical Centre,
we waited for a freaking 2 hour +, near 3 hours
just to see the bloody doctor
it was damn long
and imagine i sit on the chair all along
feeling hot, terrible and whatever shit
and there were 20+ people waiting to see doctor for fever!
what the hell
and my temperature rise during the waiting time
the doctor came and i was given 4 days MC @ home
we had to take the SWAB test to see if we have the H1N1 virus
OMG, its freaking uncomfortable
they freaking put a long stick right inside yr nose
damn uncomfortable!!!
collected my medicine, then headed back to company
showed them the MC the doctor gave
and was instructed to pack my bag and everything
and it was around evening time,
we get to book out!
together with 4 other recruits who were also down with fever
in the end, we did not have H1N1 but my platoon sergants
3 of them were down with the virus
but we came in close contact with them
shared cab with 2 other recruits who stayed @
Tiong Bahru & Queenstown
then to my place
sharing cab is cheaper i guess
i paid $17 while they paid $15 each
the cab fare @ the end of journey is around $48!
cause peak hour at that point of time

reach home finally!
but it seems that i have been away from home for a very long time
use the lappie for a while, eat medicine
the fever's still there
the next day,
i was down with fever almost the whole day
highest temperature i had was 39.6 degrees
the highest temperature i ever developed!
i think if it was 40 degrees @ Tekong,
i will be @ helicopter on my way to Changi General Hospital
anyway, the Tekong medicine sucks, not strong at all
i had to eat my OWN medicine at home to bring the fever down
of course, i had to call back the company line
in the morning, noon & evening to report temperature!
@ night, a sergant came by my house to pass me Tamiflu tablets
by the 3rd day, i almost recovered
was @ my lappie almost the whole day
because i cant go out (quarantine)
and the 4th day,
they called me @ 6pm and told me to catch the 830pm ferry
fetched my section mate too as he's also instructed to go back

we board the 830pm ferry and reach Tekong @ 9pm
nights out that day was 930pm
i cant sleep that night because i took a nap in the noon @ home!!!
and not sure if its unlucky or what
we were woken up @ 430am
cause we had to take rifle/gun/arms
did a route march of 4km (i think)
then proceed to a ceremony
to take our rifle -_-
but that ceremony i would say is an experience

that sums up my MC period!
so happy i fell sick!!! hahahaha

Enlistment day!

so i am finally enlisted into army on 9 July 2009
my ORD date is 8 May 2011
long way to go

so my dad, mum & sis went to sent me off @ Tekong
reporting time was 9am+
as we needed to board the bus @ Pasir Ris bus interchange
reached S.A.F Ferry Terminal and boarded the boat
enlistees were required to tuck in our shirts!
once we reach Tekong,
we went different ways
i think they did a tour around our bunks etc...
while i went to a seating area to submit our pink IC,
which i will only see it again when i ORD
got my 11B (army IC)
so all enlistees sit on the chair,
the sergant mayor ask us to clap loudly, take the pledge loudly etc...
just to show our parents lah

proceed to the very big parade square and we took the pledge etc...
then we went to line up in a row
and parents came to find their sons
and off they go
no meals for them
after that, all enlistees were instructed to go to our company
and we were given 2 big bags (field camp bag & big black bag)
which contains all our uniforms etc...

the process was damn sian
cause we were instructed to try out every item
like uniform, shoes, helmet etc
to see if the size fits us
so it was damn troublesome...
i cant really recall much what happened on first day also
we had our haircut too for $2
botak hair rocks man
very cooling!
the first night is tough
because i cant seem to fall asleep
i think i only ZzzzzZ @ about 12am+

thanks to all for the SMS!
haha, shall blog again!
later is my first book in @ 1645 hours!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Go green @ 9 July 2009

Enlisted @ 9 July 2009