Friday, August 14, 2009

Field Camp!

all right, let me recall about my field camp
would say its an experience
i had a LOT of bites from sandflys (WTH is that?!)
about 20 to 30 bites on my hands, legs and necks
its damn itchy!

booked in on a Sunday afternoon

Day 1
woke up the next morning
quite a number of people bath in the morning
because we wont get to bath for 6 days! HAHA
we had to do a freaking 8km route march
carrying a freaking heavy field camp bag with LBV and rifle
OMG, the weight is madnessssss
imagine with that 8kg load,
and you have to walk 8km
of course, there is a short rest every 4km
OMG, damn damn heavy
my back almost cracked haha
imagine we have to march 24km on POP day

ok back to field camp,
finally reach the camp site after dont know how many hours
we had to bloody set up our basha tents
when we are damn tired (shag)
really damn tired @ that moment
i think we learn fire movement @ the first day
in groups of 3,
then you go down and prone if you see an enemy etc...
there are a lot of steps to remember in between
so i dont really like it
so the first night is over just like that
sleep in the basha tent
and everyone has to hug their rifles to sleep
if not the sergants will come and steal
damn lame

Day 2
i think we did Urban Operations the 2nd day
Urban Ops is quite fun!
its like charging into a room with a group of 3 people
then we fired blanks too!
we charge into a room, charged into windows,
throw fake grendaes etc...
Urban Ops is the most fun in field camp i think!
cant recall what we did for the rest of the day

Day 3
we had a Urban Operations test
it was fun
because its looks quite real
of course, there are sergants to guide us along
at every station
dont know why my group fail
so we had to re-do

Day 4
we had to dig shell scrape (coffine-look-alike)!
many people thought that digging a shell scrape takes only
1-2 hours
it is not as easy as it seems
imagine i dig the whole afternoon
under the freaking hot sun
whole uniform soaked in sweat
boots getting REALLY muddy
sweat flows down like a running tap
my hands forming blisters etc...
the position i was allocated to is beside a tree
and the mud is soft and it smells like shit
thats why i believe other recruits use it as a latrine (toilet) before
many people's temperature rise at that moment
food stuffs like milo powder, pocari sweat (energy powder)
helps you to restore energy!
so you can say that we dig for 4-6 hours
Day 5
we had a tactical march test
its actually a recap of what we have learn
some fire movement drills and stuffs
luckily we need not re-do
after the test,
its back to digging shell scrape
to continue and touch up our shell scrape
once again, soaked in sweat
getting down, dirty and smelly
finally, my shell scrape is done by evening!
we had to fill up the sand bags with sand
so we can put @ the front for our proning position
and we had to sleep in the shell scrape for 1 day
and there's this rule that 1/3 of the section has to be alert always
so i did my "duty" from 11pm to 1am
i was damn sleepy
should not have do duty because no sergant came and check!
i slept in the mud shit coffin in my uniform, really smelly and dirty
but i manage to sleep because i am soooooo tired

Day 6
woke up
feeling damn uncomfortable and smelly
decide to change to a new set of uniform
the SIR came to check our shell scrape
to see whether we pass or not
pack up a little and sat in the tonner
to the last location, BIC course
OMG, its damn painful
we had to back crawl and do leopard crawl
OMG, didnt expect it to be so painful for leopard crawl
especially yr ELBOWS
because yr elbows is rubbing against the sand
and damn damn HOT
oh, and there are live rounds shooting above you
but wont get shot one haha
so many people are left with injuries after the course
went back to company line via tonner
clean our rifle for close to 2 hours
and rush here and there because we are booking out!

finally its BOOKOUT after field camp!
field camp is the moment when everyone turns lazy/tired
even filling up water bottles for people is irriting
or helping your friends to run an errand etc...
and we cannot sit @ outfield
we have to bloody high kneel, DAMN PAIN for the kneel sometimes
its an experience man

shall blog more next time if i remember!
oh i cant tahan my shit
so i shit on the 3rd day or 4th day
if not i will be damn uncomfortable!

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