Saturday, August 22, 2009

Week 6 of BMT life

so this week i would say is a slacking and relax week!
because its our range week

on Monday, we had our range
my platoon and platoon 1 were the platoons to shoot on Monday
while platoon 3 & 4 did theirs on Tuesday
we went there early in the morning and had our practise
my targets weren't too bad
we used LIVE rounds (meaning real bullets)
in the foxhole, proning, standing, squatting position
after our practise, had our lunch
and the test starts
my DAY shot was damn good
16 out of 16 targets!
perfect shot leh! hahaha
thank God for that!
so the waiting process is long
have to wait for many hours and when its your turn,
you shoot for maybe 20 mintues...
at a particular time @ noon,
i was damn sleepy
fell asleep for few moments because we arent allow to sleep
we had to stay there for night shoot
but we had a practise round again
of course, its harder @ night i think
we used our SAR21 laser too for last 2 positions
the results came out few days later
and i miss 2 shots @ night
so my score was 30 out of 32
a bit wasted if not can have perfect shot!
we had to help clear the used rounds after everyone shot
and by the time we went back to camp it was around 130am

rise & shine @ 6am the next day
not enough sleep of course
everyone's face is damn funny
due to lack of sleep haha
cant remember what we did on Tuesday
but it was slack day
because the other 2 platoons went for range
clean the rifle in the morning
and only 1-2 sergants is left @ company
oh, we went to E-mart and some people bought stuffs from there
then it was REST time @ bunk
took an hour nap before a sergant ask us to fall in
but i think it was a power nap
EVERYONE fell asleep HAHA
i think we clean rifle AGAIN after dinner
because we have nothing to do
damn lame!
and the day is over just like that!

haha, Wednesday also another relaxing day
some people went for re-shoot on the 3rd day of range
and we were told to clean our RIFLE AGAIN
OMG, zzzzzzzzz
after cleaning, it was almost lunch time i think
then after lunch, i think we took a nap again
HAHA, another power nap!!!
then we had peer appraisal whereby u rate your platoon mates
spent quite a long time doing that because u have 52 people to rank
i think it was admin time @ night if i am not wrong

Thursday we had S.O.C in the morning
thankfully i cleared all stations without fail this time round
especially my monkey bar swing
and i did it in 5 minutes and 35 seconds!
haha weeeeeeeeeee!
thank God!
the last part where i have to run to the end point is damn tiring
oh gosh
then i got to book out to CMPB for air force computerize test
which is DAMN boring
the test is 4-5 hours long with breaks in between
i got really tired @ the back
so i just anyhow click some answers
went back to camp with those who went @ 8pm+
which is damn late
they had BCCT, strength training and swimming
when we were outside
so when we went back, it was time to bathe and sleep

Friday morning, everyone woke up feeling damn high
because we had a National Education visit to S.D.C
which is my old work place!
we booked out in the morning and took a bus there
yes, i saw my ex-collegues there!
the tour is damn boring
it ended about 2 hours later...
went to lunch @ Jurong Point with my section mates
@ Subway (wrong choice!)
then i decided to go back to S.D.C to visit my ex-collegues
went to take a look @ their new renovated office, new KTV room etc
wow, very nice eh
stay a while and chat with some colleagues, haha
and left for home after that!

thats why week 6 is a damn slack week
but next week is outfield again for 3 days
going to walk 12km to campsite with a heavy bag once again
and on Thursday, going to walk 16km
Oh gosh, not sure how's it going to be like
but hope it will be over soon
cya guys again :(!

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