Saturday, July 25, 2009

2 weeks of confinement period finally over

i hope i am right to say that the toughest part of BMTC life is over
which is the 2 weeks confinement
though i went home for 4 days (fever),
it seems i have been in Tekong for a long time
the confinement period is really tough
imagine the weekends when people are out having fun,
you are stuck at camp doing trainings and all the shit!

we had a fire drill @ one of the days
and we were woken up @ 430am
bloody cock
we have to wear our helmet and carry a pail down to fall in
damn damn cock
look damn stupid LOL!

my section mates (bunk mates) are pretty OK,
ZS's same room as me, HAHAHAHA
we have speed, strength, combat trainings
combat trainings damn lame!

all recruits are always rushing in Tekong
because they plan the programmes damn damn tight

i suck/hate at doing things that need instructions
like marching, inserting pouches for our LBV etc...
lets talk about marching,
the correct way is left leg out, then swing your right hand out
but i always do the opposite -
left leg out, left hand out
i dont know why, LOL!
its call pyscho motor or something
i am damn slow, haha
but i think i did pretty well for IPPT and Standard Obstacle Course
i got 5 points for everything except for...
running i think, which i have 4 points
i ran 9.55 mintues (the result paper wrote this time)
not bad eh!
i did 12 pull-ups
9.XX seconds of shuttle run
cant remember my standing board jump result though!

anyway, i did a summary of what our programmes were
after i came back from my MC

on 17 July,
woke up @ 430am to do a route march and
the rifle ceremony
the first thing they taught us is to strip the rifle parts
and assemble back
of course, i was damn slow when learning things
but now, i am pretty good at it
then we did another round of route march

on 18 July,
its the first time we did Standard Obstacle Course (S.O.C)
we tried 4 stations i think and the correct landing technique
then we had strength training
strength training is just some training to help you improve
your strength by doing pull-ups and lifting dumbells

on 19 July,
we learn the technique of rifle
like what happens if a bullet gets stuck inside or something
its call I.A (Immediate Action)
next up was arms drills
doing marching with rifles for my Passing Out Parade!

on 20 July,
had strength training then combat training
we did all these training in our UNIFORMS
had to unroll the sleeve
so its long sleeve uniform
plus the hot sun
we sweat like crazy!!!
had grenade talk @ night

on 21 July,
had strength training, then combat training again
we wore back the same long sleeve uniform, LOL
we didnt have time to wash at all
so you can imagine the smell =S
but we did hang it outside to dry
then we learn other stations of S.O.C
and we learn new songs for marching usage!

on 22 July,
the programme was strength training BUT
it rained super heavy
of course we damn happy!
so the training was done in our bunks
see what i mean?
army die die dont want you to do nothing
they sure plan something out to keep you occupied
then had speed training
which is to train your running (useless one!)
then had a self-intro section for my platoon

on 23 July,
we tried out all the S.O.C stations
manage to do all the stations
but imagine we have to carry our heavy LBV, helmet and rifle
when the real test comes
then had speed training i think
then had a rifle test
the rifle test i damn scared
because i know nothing much
i dont like hands on stuffs cause i learn damn slow!

on 24 July (1st offical bookout day!),
all of us damn sian when we were informed that we will be
booking out @ 8pm
and booking in @ 1645 hours on Sunday
which is considered early!
supposed to have S.O.C again
but it rained in the morning!
so we had strength training instead, HAHA!
at least no need wear our uniforms under the sun!
then we had some free time to design T-shirt for our company
but i use the chance to slack and rest around!
after lunch,
we had a chance to go to the canteen and buy food!
because one of my platoon's section design got selected
for dont know what shit
so my whole platoon 2 won the chance to go
but i think its pretty "useless"
cause we are booking out later in the evening
and we will get to buy the food when we book out
but better than nothing!
then did area cleaning
before we book out,
the last activity was grenade throwing practise
there are a lot of instructions to follow
seeking permission to enter the bay,
using the correct method to hold the grenade etc...
had dinner and finally book out!
everyone's so happy to be out of the island
as for me, the feeling is ordinary
maybe the reason is
i went home (4 days MC)
so naturally, my excitement is not as strong as those
who stayed 2 weeks throughout the whole confinement period!

but i am booking in soon!
leaving my house very very soon
back to blog again!
just bought many tibits to stock up! hahaha
and took all my clothes/socks/shorts/uniforms
back home to wash!
7 more weeks to go!

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