Saturday, July 25, 2009

Enlistment day!

so i am finally enlisted into army on 9 July 2009
my ORD date is 8 May 2011
long way to go

so my dad, mum & sis went to sent me off @ Tekong
reporting time was 9am+
as we needed to board the bus @ Pasir Ris bus interchange
reached S.A.F Ferry Terminal and boarded the boat
enlistees were required to tuck in our shirts!
once we reach Tekong,
we went different ways
i think they did a tour around our bunks etc...
while i went to a seating area to submit our pink IC,
which i will only see it again when i ORD
got my 11B (army IC)
so all enlistees sit on the chair,
the sergant mayor ask us to clap loudly, take the pledge loudly etc...
just to show our parents lah

proceed to the very big parade square and we took the pledge etc...
then we went to line up in a row
and parents came to find their sons
and off they go
no meals for them
after that, all enlistees were instructed to go to our company
and we were given 2 big bags (field camp bag & big black bag)
which contains all our uniforms etc...

the process was damn sian
cause we were instructed to try out every item
like uniform, shoes, helmet etc
to see if the size fits us
so it was damn troublesome...
i cant really recall much what happened on first day also
we had our haircut too for $2
botak hair rocks man
very cooling!
the first night is tough
because i cant seem to fall asleep
i think i only ZzzzzZ @ about 12am+

thanks to all for the SMS!
haha, shall blog again!
later is my first book in @ 1645 hours!

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