Friday, August 14, 2009

Early bookout for me again

had an early bookout today once again!
because i manage to secure another GOLD for my IPPT
remember that to get gold,
i have to run 2.4km under 9.44 mintues?
guess whats my timing for this IPPT test...
its 9.44 minutes exactly!

i think the tester give chance to me
because when i cross the finishing line,
i saw my own watch its 9.47 minutes (around there)
and further more i sprint like a mad dog towards the end
and i am glad i did
if not i cant achieve 9.44 mintues for sure
so early bookout once again

so i book out today after lunch instead of 7pm
which is today's bookout time
and i trained back this time round
no one to share cab with HAHAHA
it was a long train journey back home
almost fell asleep in the train
shit, online and slept
till 7pm
which is the bookout time today
damn damn damn tired!
update about field camp & this week's activities @ camp soon

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