Saturday, August 15, 2009

Grenade throw and range shooting (arcade)

Sunday was Singapore's 44th birthday
just another excuse for myself to enjoy the holiday
and need not book in
so booked in @ Monday late noon
as usual, packed my stuffs at night
and talk cock to my mates in the room

next morning was live grenade throw
i heard its a once in a lifetime thing
only @ BMTC, will get to throw a real grenade
so my section was the advance party for grenade throw
we have to reach the place early to help set up the place
went there via tonner
set up the white tapes and help to put the target boards
we threw the grenade as one whole company
so there was a lot of waiting time!
we had to throw a dummy grenade for practise purpose
but this dummy grenade will explode
when its my turn,
i turn the safety pin for damn damn long
its so hard to turn!
and soon,
its my turn to throw a REAL grenade
actually, a real grenade looks very beautiful
shiny and dark green in colour
when its my turn to throw,
i just throw the grenade
the safety pin is much easier to twist
the BOMB sound is damn damn loud!
an experience i would say haha
since we threw the grenade as a company
by the time it ends, its near 2pm or 3pm
went back to clean rifle
as usual, giving us something to do, ZzzzzZ
then on Wednesday had IPPT once again
which i got gold again!
my running time was 9.44 minutes exactly thankfully
meaning an early bookout :)
because i manage to do well for the other 4 stations as well
then after lunch,
went to see the doctor to get cream/medicine for my sandfly bites
really terrible and itchy
waited for a damn long time just to see the doctor
and i was damn paranoid because i was so damn afraid
i was going to miss S.O.C
but thankfully i made it on time!
anyway, my bites are recovering now :)
S.O.C was in full gear this time
could not get pass the monkey bar swing
pretty tiring for the whole course

Thursday was range (arcade style)
we are going live firing range next week!
so we practise our range in an arcade style room
quite fun and there are different positions
standing, proning and squatting
hope to do well for range next week!
so the whole morning was spent there
in an air-con room
in the noon was arms drill with the drill squad
learn some new drills
my drills are improving,
not much pscho-motor now
if everyone do swee swee,
the drills are beautiful! haha

Friday is a slacking day
because we had finish our range in arcade style the previous day
so we had arm drills in the morning (drill squad)
then before lunch,
the sergants said that people with gold in IPPT
gets to book out
so had my lunch
and i book out around 1230pm!
no one to share cab with me this time round
because i am the only one in my section to get gold
and the rest of the gold medalist people
stay Hougang/Kovan that area
so i took a lonely bus journey to Pasir Ris then trained home
almost fell asleep in the train, haha
first time training back home after Tekong!
reach home to
shit, bath, online and nap all the way till 7pm
which is the actual bookout timing for the day
imagine i can do so much stuffs all the way till 7pm
even after the nap,
i'm still damn tired
went to Yew Tee for some food with my family
a very tired weeeeeeeeeeeek @ army!

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