Saturday, July 25, 2009

Fever @ 5th day of BMTC

hahahahaha, i was down with fever @ my 5th day of BMTC
a bonus for myself
i think at that point of time,
my 5 days @ Tekong is like 2 weeks there
days pass damn damn slow
and all recruits there were like cut-off from the outside world
because we dont know whats going on @ Singapore
except for a copy of Strait Times
and not everyday we will have Strait Times
so i fell sick @ noon time
and i reported sick as my temperature was around 38.X degrees
together with 2 other recruits who were also down with a fever
we were "quarantine" @ Annex room
had our packet lunch there
then we went to Medical Centre to see doctor

@ Medical Centre,
we waited for a freaking 2 hour +, near 3 hours
just to see the bloody doctor
it was damn long
and imagine i sit on the chair all along
feeling hot, terrible and whatever shit
and there were 20+ people waiting to see doctor for fever!
what the hell
and my temperature rise during the waiting time
the doctor came and i was given 4 days MC @ home
we had to take the SWAB test to see if we have the H1N1 virus
OMG, its freaking uncomfortable
they freaking put a long stick right inside yr nose
damn uncomfortable!!!
collected my medicine, then headed back to company
showed them the MC the doctor gave
and was instructed to pack my bag and everything
and it was around evening time,
we get to book out!
together with 4 other recruits who were also down with fever
in the end, we did not have H1N1 but my platoon sergants
3 of them were down with the virus
but we came in close contact with them
shared cab with 2 other recruits who stayed @
Tiong Bahru & Queenstown
then to my place
sharing cab is cheaper i guess
i paid $17 while they paid $15 each
the cab fare @ the end of journey is around $48!
cause peak hour at that point of time

reach home finally!
but it seems that i have been away from home for a very long time
use the lappie for a while, eat medicine
the fever's still there
the next day,
i was down with fever almost the whole day
highest temperature i had was 39.6 degrees
the highest temperature i ever developed!
i think if it was 40 degrees @ Tekong,
i will be @ helicopter on my way to Changi General Hospital
anyway, the Tekong medicine sucks, not strong at all
i had to eat my OWN medicine at home to bring the fever down
of course, i had to call back the company line
in the morning, noon & evening to report temperature!
@ night, a sergant came by my house to pass me Tamiflu tablets
by the 3rd day, i almost recovered
was @ my lappie almost the whole day
because i cant go out (quarantine)
and the 4th day,
they called me @ 6pm and told me to catch the 830pm ferry
fetched my section mate too as he's also instructed to go back

we board the 830pm ferry and reach Tekong @ 9pm
nights out that day was 930pm
i cant sleep that night because i took a nap in the noon @ home!!!
and not sure if its unlucky or what
we were woken up @ 430am
cause we had to take rifle/gun/arms
did a route march of 4km (i think)
then proceed to a ceremony
to take our rifle -_-
but that ceremony i would say is an experience

that sums up my MC period!
so happy i fell sick!!! hahahaha

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