Saturday, August 1, 2009

3rd week of BMT

okay i am booking in later @ 1455 hours
very early
rushing this entry now

on 26 July,
booked in @ 4pm+ i think
its our first offical book in since the confinement period
a lot of them were saying what good food we ate after the bookout
when we reached,
there was an inspection check for out field bags to see if
we brought in any ban items
then there was no dinner for us because there was a slight mistake
on their part
in the end, they brought in maggi noodles and
we have to cook ourselves
it was admin time all the way!

on 27 July,
it was our very first Standard Obstacle Course attempt
with LBV and rifle
so you can imagine how heavy the load is
damn tiring man
i didnt have much strength to do the monkey bars with
full load on my back!
then there was IPPT test!
my standing board jump suck on that day
only manage 3 points which is NOT gold standard
i need at least 4 points
and when we complete the rest of the stations,
it rained, muhaha!
so 2.4km run was cancelled and i was happy
because all the results are void!
those who get GOLD for IPPT gets to bookout
so i damn happy the results are void :)

on 28 July,
morning was spent at the grenade range area
we learn how to throw dummy grenade at the area
using standing, proning position
crawling my way through the sand/mud
quite fun actually
because we had to wait for the whole company to do it
so there was a lot of time waiting
it was lunch after that
then there wa a very simple grenade test
conducted by my sergant
very slack test! HAHA
then we did a 6km route march up to rocky hill
with a very very very very heavy load
LBV, field pack (with all standard items inside), 3 litres water bag and a rifle
OMG the load is freaking heavy
cant imagine i have to carry that for my 24km march on my POP day itself
the back is damnnnnnnnnnnnnnn sour (suan)

on 29 July,
the morning activity was the IPPT re-test
OMG, my standing board jump is good this time
manage a 4 points :)
on my way to GOLD!
the SIR said that if any one of us gets gold for IPPT,
we get to book out early
so i ran for my life @ the 2.4km run
because to get gold, i have to run in less than 9.44 mintues
HAHA, i ran like some mad dog
and i clocked around 9.30 mintues
then the next activity is the very lame BCCT
then i am selected for a airforce medical screening @ the airbase
good excuse to be out of Tekong and skip training :)
the air force guy allow us to order Mcdonalds delivery
haha so almost everyone of us ordered a meal with upsize
the airforce medical screening is about the same as the CMPB medical checkup
it took almost the whole afternoon
when the Mcdonalds came,
the coke was OMG!!!
we went back to Tekong in the evening
then the last activivty for the day is some talks on field camp

on 30 July,
morning was field camp talk, damn sleepy man!
we learn how to build basha tent to sleep etc...
i was very kan chiong man
then learn other field camp staffs like charing in a room etc...
very boring stuffs
the more interesting stuff is learning how to camouflage ourselves
using the camouflage cream
quite fun HAHA
with the whole face (including neck and ears) green in colour
and 3 black stripes...
then we learn how to hide ourselves using leaves etc...
qutie an experience
but my camouflage design sucks, haha cause very hard
the mirror they give also very small
when we go back our bunks,
we wash the camouflage off like crazy
the toilet was dirty man
good luck to the toilet cleaners
on 31 July,
morning was field camp talks/demo again
damn boring to me
then the SIR annouced that those who get GOLD for IPPT gets
to book out after lunch! weeeeeeeee
but on Thursday,
i was on the remedial training list (extra training)
because i was on MC for fever (4 days) during the confinement period
so no choice
but the SIR said that i can book out after lunch but
i must be back at night
taking either the 830pm, 930pm or 1030pm ferry
so i booked out after lunch
only 16 people out of 100++ (close to 200) people get to book out
then asked around who live in the west area to take cab home
shared with 3 other guys and reach home around noon time
shit at home, sent my clothes for washing and slack around
and booked in again taking the 930pm ferry
buying in some food for my mates HAHA
when i reached back Tekong at night
it was qutie fun and relaxing
i slept in other people's bed HAHA
to try out!

on 1 August,
rise and shine @ 6am
ate breakfast and did really lame exercises like running
and strength training
time was very rush cause our bookout time was 10am
so rush here and there
and booked out @ 1030am cause we have to wait for ferry
there was no cabs at the ferry terminal
so booked a cab with 3 other people staying @ CCK area
and a Maxi cab came! weeeeeeeee
its same rates as a normal cab
had lunch with KL and HW
before we went home and rest

i am booking in now
field camp from Monday to Saturday
un-contactable for 6 days
i will try to hold my shit for 6 days
cya guys when i am back!

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