Thursday, August 27, 2009

Week 7 of BMT!

wow wow wow
7 weeks of BMT has pass!
2 more weeks left to POP
time flies
the best thing is that all the main events are over
except for a 24km route march now
this week is a 4 day week
due to a 0ff-in-lieu which we got
from our field camp
so its Friday off for us!

this week went outfield again for like 3 days
we booked in damn early on Sunday
like 2pm+
yes, the timing sucks, but no choice
not exactly looking forward to this week cause
its 3 days outfield
in the night, packed our bags for field camp
the next morning which is Monday
did area cleaning etc...
damn crazy
our sergants checked our bunks 3 bloody times
wasted our time!
cause we wanted to rest/bathe etc...

so we set off to the field camp site for Situational Test (Sit Test)
we walked for 12km
as usual, with a super heavy load behind our back
like 15kg i think
the starting of the journey always suck
because its the beginning
then every 4km, we get to rest for about 15 mintues
halfway through to the 8km mark,
my nose bleed
i think there's something wrong with my nose or something
it happens once in a while
well, so i sat in the land rover for a while to the 8km mark
while the medic cleared me so i can continue 8km to 12km
we set off around 3pm+, reach there around 7pm
it was getting dark
so we quickly set up our basha tents if not
when night strikes,
its a problem because there's no light!
so the night ended like that
of course, we had to do everything in the dark
packing our stuffs, change uniform etc...
oh well, thats outfield for you!

next morning, we were suppose to wake up
@ 5am or is it 530am
but the wind is quite strong and clouds forming
so @ 430am we were told to rush to have shelter
in the end,
we stayed there for 1 hour+ and almost all of us
fell asleep inside while waiting
had to march 4km in SBO attire in the morning then
we were divided into different details
meaning, a brand new group of 16 people
the objective of the situational test
is to see how well you lead/react etc...
so its 6 missions per day
and you get to have a chance to be the I/C at least once
some stations are very IQ-type
while some requires tying of knots etc...
i am totally not a ropes and knots person
so when tying of knots are required
i just act busy HAHA
because there's an accessor examining you
so when people tie knots,
i will lift the log up for them to tie
HAHA, because if you stand there and do nothing
it does not leave a good impression
so by 3pm,
we were done with the 6 missions of the day
the rest of the day is slacking around!
all the way till night time!
so my section lie down on the groundsheet
and started eating the snacks/food
and time flies when you are slacking
by the time you know it,
its night time!
so we get ready to sleep by 9pm
and it was already very dark by then
rise and shine the next morning!
last day of field camp before we can go back
HAHA and bath of course!!!
did 2km of walking in the morning in SBO attire again
did another 6 missions
i lead 1 station too (tripod station)
so talk a bit of cock to show the accessor how i lead
these 2 days,
saw many types of people
some like to talk big to impress the accessor, HAHAHA
the situational test ended finally by noon (2pm)
it rained too!
so thank God that it didnt rain during our outfield
if not, the ground is freaking muddy
and sleeping will be damn gross
went back to company line via tonner!
cleaned rifle the moment we reach
the day does not end just like that
we are doing a 16km route march the next day
so there's field pack inspection
16km march on Thursday
damn sian!!
with the super heavy load behind your back
wah lao
we set off in the morning
march to rocky hill, then to our first field camp place
then march back rocky hill
then march back to parade square
returned about 1pm+
our company welfare is not too bad :)
we got cold packet drinks after that
oh yes, there's a little blister @ my leg
went back and did some survey
then i went swimming for ONE lap only
because i went for air force computer test the other time
so i miss out the swim
they just want to determine whether you can swim or not
haha, after swimming
went back pack my field pack for going home!
dinner first @ cookhouse before bookout @ 730pm
cabbed home with my friends!

i am left with 2 weeks to P.O.P
all high key events over except for the very last
24km march
time flies
lots of funny moments @ camp,
and also piss off moments
for once,
quite looking forward to the last 2 weeks
hopefully i am not on the guard duty list!
because i have a wedding to attend
army is qutie fun if you look back
cause i like to recall the funny incidents then
i laugh to myself like some retard
the process sucks
but its over!

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